Friday, September 28, 2007

I muted the morning news in favor of WWOZ on my lap top. That's a good thing. Work is getting anal about tiny details while the "meat" of the situation goes rancid. Yeah, early morning jazz is a very good thing.

If you have iITunes on your puter I hope you give Jellyroll Justice a try. He's on early AM here in Vancouver. 3AM-6AMish weekdays. Of course Sunday is still my fave WWOZ morning. Women singers followed by Brother Jess' Gospel show. All early AM.

Yeah, good thing.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Went and saw Across The Universe tonight.

Go see it. What a wonderful movie. I grew up with the Beatles' music and it is sacred to me. I shudder when I hear people cover those songs. The people who made this movie did a wonderful job with the songs including a version of Let It Be that rivals the original. I may be struck down for saying that but yes, I stand by it.

Now go see this movie.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alright. Lemme give this a go.

1. I want a bedroom with no windows.
2. I have very few friends and NO close friends.
3. I will always feel a little guilty that I spent the evening of 9/11 at a blackjack table winning $800.
4. I will always feel odd that I was seated next to, and enjoying the time, with a man from the middle east.
5. I've got it better than I deserve and I'm lucky that I haven't managed to completely fuck it up.
6. I was a missionary for a religion that I never believed in. Though that sounds hypocritical it remains the best thing I ever did.
7. I'm happiest when I'm alone.
8. I tire while driving in the day but can drive all night with no problem. In fact, I prefer driving at night.
9. I don't like to drink so I very rarely do. I hate beer, and wine.
10. I love cigars.
11. I believe, really believe, that I will win the lottery one day.
12. I cannot stand for the water from the shower to hit me directly in the face.
13. I do not own any cologne.
14. I prefer college sports to pro sports.
15. I can't hold a grudge.
16. Briefs
17. It surprises me that, at my age, I still get pimples.
18. If I'm your friend I tend to be very generous and lots of times it makes me feel like a sap.
19. I'm way too selfish.
20. I'm way too lazy.
21. I have fallen in love with many women and I married the second woman who fell in love with me.
22. I will always wonder about the first.
23. If YOU could have interviewed both women extensively and recommended one to me to be my wife I know it would be the one I married.
24. But your recommendation would have pushed me to the other.
25. None of our children were planned.
26. Green is my favorite crayon.
27. I'm a very agressive driver.
28. I get away with it because I'm also a very GOOD driver.
29. People in my family read my blog. Otherwise this list would have been finished by now.
30. I worry too much about links.
31. I have to keep telling myself that I'm writing for babies who can't read yet to keep myself from deleting this blog.
32. I pretty much hate my job these days but there's nowhere else I could make this kinda money and get the benefits.
33. I believe that the terrorists have won the "war on terror".
34. I drink anywhere from 2-8 cokes a day and most times have my first before 6AM and have been known to go to bed with my last.
35. I don't like eggplant or tripe or celery or liver.
36. Avocado is my favorite fruit.
37. I want to eat MORE meat.
38. Apple pie a la mode is my favorite dessert.
39. I almost never drink water.
40. Mexican, Chinese, American, Sushi, Italian. In that order.
41. I love to fish but haven't in years.
42. The celebrity I've met that impressed me most was Joanna Krupa.
43. The least, Bill Murray.
44. I almost registered to vote as a Communist Worker but opted for "none". The commie joke probably would have kept me from getting my government job.
45. I think I would be a good President of the United States but even if I had 10 times the money it would cost, I wouldn't spend a dime on a campaign.
46. My favorite swear word is Pendejo. (pen DAY ho) It means pubic hair but is used as an insult.
47. My favorite sound is rain hitting the roof at night.
48. My least favorite sound is a lawn mower when i'm trying to sleep.
49. If I could do anything other than what I do (and make the same money at least) I would teach high school history class.
50. What do I want to hear from St Peter when I get to the pearly gates? God would like to say he's sorry for what he allowed your baby sister go through in her life.
51. Of course, he would then tell me that I'm not allowed in but I would still be satisfied.
52. I want a tattoo but will have to wait until my dies to get one.
53. I wish I knew how to skate.
54. Remember how I told you I'm going to win the lottery? I will buy condos in Miami, London, Las Vegas, Canmore, and Santiago. Except Canmore would have an SUV.
55. A Jaguar and a hybrid will be parked at each one.
56. I would buy a warehouse in a major city and set up my killer dream photo studio/home there.
57. All I would do the rest of my days is golf and take pictures.
58. My birthday party would become the event of the year for all of you.
59. I just finished second in an online poker tourney. (play money)
60. I started this list two days ago. Only 40 more to go.
61. When I go to my favorite fast food places I always have the same thing.
62. I am proud to be American and when I travel I don't want to be treated like I make all my country's decisions.
63. I absolutely hate anybody who feels I should inconvenience myself merely for the sake of their convenience.
64. I have two grandchildren so far and I tremble when I think how their lives will be when they are my age.
65. If you are happy and aren't hurting anybody, I am happy for and with you.
66. As long as it is consentual and everybody (or anything) is of legal age, I don't care who you have sex with.
67. I wear 38-32 pants
68. I only wear two colors of socks. White and black.
69. I can't remember the last time I wore a suit.
70. I hate weddings and funerals equaly
71. Jackie Childs was my favorite Seinfeld character closely followed by Sue Ellen Mishkee.
72. I love to eat twinkies in one bite because it drives my wife crazy.
73. Kate Winslett could have her way with me in the back of any New York taxi.
74. I would jump naked into any Los Angeles dumpster with Jane Leeves.
75. Britney Spears would get back on track with me in her life if I were available.
76. I do twice as much in half the time as many of my coworkers and yet receive no recognition.
77. I am the oldest child of my parents but the second of my father and the third of my mother.
78. I did not know that until I was 12 or 13 even though I was raised with a half brother and a half sister.
79. I did not know how one of them felt about it until I was in my 40's.
80. I probably won't ever know how the other one felt.
81. I don't put flowers on my father's grave. I put golf balls on it. Golf balls I used to make good shots or play good rounds.
82. The only gun I have ever owned was an old shotgun. One day I will buy another shotgun but I will probably never buy a hand gun.
83. I never chew gum.
84. The top five people I want to meet.
Joni Mitchell
Queen Elizabeth
Fidel Castro
Keith Olbermann
Matt Groening
But I fear that i would either freeze or make a fool of myself.
85. I wish I had gone to college and gotten a degree.
86. Another of my post lottery win activities? 50 golf courses in 50 states in 50 weeks.
87. I dream in color and black and white.
88. I have dream reruns. Sometimes several times.
89. I believe that dreams have no significance other than an idle brain entertaining itself.
90. I drink milk at dinner most of the time.
91. I love apple juice and fruit loops but neither like me.
92. I hate pears, papayas, and eggplant.
93. I rarely go to parties because I'm both bored and boring.
94. I used to be an expert Space Alien, Pac Man, and Galaga player.
95. I love billiards and bowling but I'm below average at both.
96. I wish I would have taken better care of my teeth.
97. I believe my body shape is more genetic than diet.
98. If I could go back a choose where to grow up it would be Brooklyn.
99. Maine is the place I've been where I most want to return. Calais to be more specific.
100. Pigs and chickens are my favorite animals.

I finished this on 09/27. Five days after I started.

Sitting at work listening to Jellyroll Justice on the net. (WWOZ)

I'd rather be sitting on a bench in Battery Park, Charleston, South Carolina lsitening to the sunrise.

Friday, September 21, 2007

People want to go to the south of France
I want to go north
People want sidewalk cafes and typical quaint accordian music
I want a sunny balcony and the breezy tree tops
People want good wine
I want a good cigar and my elbows on the railing

I don't want to hear people
I don't want to see people
I want quiet and the sound of my own breathing
as my only companions

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quote of the century

"I see my boob job as an investment because all the drinks bought for me because of my boob job will end up paying for my boob job"

Beauty and the Geek TV reality show.

You just can't make that stuff up.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Took a trip this past weekend. I love the road. I love seeing things that have been patiently awaiting my arrival. My energy level seems to rise as the sun goes down. I pulled over in the middle of nowhere and looked up at the black sky full of stars. I hoped for a shooting star but none zipped by. It's been a long time since I saw one.

Can't wait to have another go.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quick Vote

Do you think you'll exceed the average U.S. life expectancy -- 78 years?

This was a poll on the CNN site today. I was too scared to answer. Gave me the willies to predict how long I would live.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I have a tee time to play golf at a fancy course in Coure D' Alene, Idaho. Google image "floating green" and I promise you'll be impressed. It's going to cost me $250.00 to play the course. NOW are you impressed? That's the most I've ever paid to play golf. In fact, that's more than double what I've paid to play anywhere and I've played some damn nice courses.

This is just one of those "gotta play once" courses. Of course the drive over there is just spectacular. Over the cascade mountain range and across the state of Washington. You'll see the pictures when I get back. Going all by my lonesome. Just the way I like it. Sometimes I just gotta be a recluse moving through a crowd.

On a side note: Today is the 19th anniversary of me doing what I do for a living. Only 11 more to go to retirement.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Today was a great day. I worked down at the cruise ship terminal here in Vancouver. The lesbian cruise sailed today. What a great crowd! We (me and the lesbians I dealt with) laughed and joked and many said I was the nicest Customs Officer ever and I said I loved lesbians because they're so comfortable in their skin.

Best T shirt:

Hey mom, dad. I'm GAELIC

Number of rainbow variations:


Best obvious statement:

We're not Mormons (from a couple who live in Utah)

Number of couples who told me they got married today:

Two (one couple had been together 30 YEARS!)

Best verbal exchange:

Me: "I would love to go on this cruise!"
Her: "You have too have vagina."
Me: "I have vagina on my mind. Does THAT count?"

Her partner then laughed and high fived me.

Yep, I love the lesbians.

Friday, September 07, 2007

so later when I was watching my grandaughter she crapped out a dead racoon. I'm telling you, that girl can really load up a diaper.

So while I was here listening to tunes and surfing the blogs my daughter came in, kissed me on the cheek, told me she loved me, and then left for work. Not long after that my grandaughter came crawling in with her mmmmm mmmmmmmmm cooing and she was tossed on the bed and into my arms for kisses.

I'm old but I'm loved.

Holy shit, did you see the new iPod?? The thing holds 40,000 songs. Remember boys and girls that I was around when casette tapes came out. Then the $100 Sony Walkman miracle. Then CD's and "no, they'll never completely replace albums because everybody likes that big cover art". Now iTunes and CD's are on the chopping block and Apple is about to replace all the record companies which is good because they're all heartless vultures trying to shove Avril and Timbaland down our throats.

Oh, and I had a pen pal for a week way back then. A girl in Japan. I wrote, she wrote back, and then I never wrote again. I wonder if she has a blog now.

bh h bvbc chh bv b

(my grandaughter's first post)

Friday morning yawn and I'm still in bed. iTunes going (Bob James live) and this thing here sitting on my belly propped up against my legs. Laptops are such a joy.

Got most of the shopping done in the States yesterday but I need to head down later today for a thing or two unless I get lazy. That's been known to happen on my days off.

Next weekend I'm headed over to Idaho and Montana on a photo weekend. Gonna play golf at Coeur D' Alene. It's a fabulous course with a floating island green. You can google that to check it out or wait for the pictures.

Got my Canadian work authorization taken care of at the border last night. This is my last year in Canada boys and girls. Almost time to submit my wish list for transfer back to the U.S.

It goes something like this.

Tucson, Arizona
Naco, Arizona
Salt Lake City, Utah
Alberquerque, New Mexico
Austin, Texas

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I am one tired mufugger

That is all

Get back to work

Monday, September 03, 2007

Met a Irishman who owns an Italian restaurant in the Cayman Islands today.

Gave up some overtime at work today. Probably a good thing. I still have this cold and could really use the rest.

I'm trying to decide if I should go to Toronto in October while I'm home in Tucson. The flight cost is reasonable so I can get away with everything pretty cheap. Gonna be cold then but that's okay too.

I just have too firm up some more details with some people, check the concerts and concert related gatherings.

We'll see.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

September starts with me sick as a dog with a head cold "de la chingada" as us Mexicans say. The good news is that college football starts today. As you know, I LOVE college sports over pro sports.

I have facebook now which is almost as bad as blogging.

Maybe I'm too old?

It probably won't last.

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