Sunday, September 09, 2007

Today was a great day. I worked down at the cruise ship terminal here in Vancouver. The lesbian cruise sailed today. What a great crowd! We (me and the lesbians I dealt with) laughed and joked and many said I was the nicest Customs Officer ever and I said I loved lesbians because they're so comfortable in their skin.

Best T shirt:

Hey mom, dad. I'm GAELIC

Number of rainbow variations:


Best obvious statement:

We're not Mormons (from a couple who live in Utah)

Number of couples who told me they got married today:

Two (one couple had been together 30 YEARS!)

Best verbal exchange:

Me: "I would love to go on this cruise!"
Her: "You have too have vagina."
Me: "I have vagina on my mind. Does THAT count?"

Her partner then laughed and high fived me.

Yep, I love the lesbians.

That's awesome.
Gay people are really the best.
john loved this post so much he couldnt wait to tell me about it over dinner :p then it reminded me of the photo he posted today. (
Me too!!
The high five seals everything. :)
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