Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I have a tee time to play golf at a fancy course in Coure D' Alene, Idaho. Google image "floating green" and I promise you'll be impressed. It's going to cost me $250.00 to play the course. NOW are you impressed? That's the most I've ever paid to play golf. In fact, that's more than double what I've paid to play anywhere and I've played some damn nice courses.

This is just one of those "gotta play once" courses. Of course the drive over there is just spectacular. Over the cascade mountain range and across the state of Washington. You'll see the pictures when I get back. Going all by my lonesome. Just the way I like it. Sometimes I just gotta be a recluse moving through a crowd.

On a side note: Today is the 19th anniversary of me doing what I do for a living. Only 11 more to go to retirement.

Congrats. Have a great time. It is my anniversary also.
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