Thursday, April 23, 2009

You'll find somebody else

Don't tell Brother Brigham, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

I said we're through and the begging started. The "I can do better", the "I'll do ANYTHING".

If this had been a woman she would have promised a three way with her hot sister/roommate/cousin/mother. She would have promised to serve burgers and beer to a group of friends gathered for a football game and provided lap dancers at half time.


But it wasn't a woman.

It was a credit card.

"We have points, better interest rates, did I say BETTER? I meant LOWER! No annual fee. Roadside service! ANYTHING!!!!"

Sorry dude, I just paid you off. That means I paid you to go away like the high priced parasite whore you are.



Poor credit person, must suck to have that job right now

that being said... LLAMAS! :D

Or are they Alpacas? Either way, *Happy face*
Haha! Brilliant! And so satisfying, isn't it? Particularly given the crazy high interest rates the credit card companies are charging despite the fact the prime rates are so low.
high five for ignoring the temptation!
WOO! Tell em' where to swipe it, Dan!!
You crack me up, Dan.

Although the lapdances would have been good too.
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