Tuesday, March 08, 2011

hard on myself and the drama don't help

I have just over 2 weeks left on this TDY and I have never felt more burned out. I feel like I have accomplished nothing except dig a bigger hole sometimes. The drama of the situation with the locals and rotating shifts and pressure and cameras at every angle have take a toll.

It's hard to sum up the good and balance it out. There has been good. Dinners with mom and my sister and her family and a great b-day present and other things but I will always feel I've fallen short of putting myself in a better situation.

Culture shock in my spirit is hard to overcome and coming back to the borderlands will be hard to reconcile. I am in need of serious detox and will hopefully get it as Spring nears at home and the garden awaits to distract me.

No way I thought it would be this hard and no way I ever stay as long again.

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