Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My hometown is heartbroken

, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

Gabrielle Giffords lies in a hospital and, according to doctors, will survive her gunshot wound to the head.

The President flies in for a memorial at the McKale Center on the University of Arizona campus today.

Tomorrow a 9 year-old victim will be laid to rest.

One of the elderly victims died when he used his body to shield his wife from bullets. She suffered 3 gunshots to her leg.

Jon Stewart said that even though politics probably didn't play a roll it's troubling when the ramblings of the mentally troubled killer aren't too dissimilar to the rhetoric of those on the right.

Tom Brokaw said that we have to buy small bottles of shampoo to take onboard airplanes but the killer was able to buy a gun.

I just read it on CNN. I am so so sorry. It makes no sense at all.
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