Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mormon Conference, SLC

, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

I am off on Saturdays so I told Maggie to get some Conference tickets for the 2PM session. She scored a pair from the bishop. I knew the weather was going to be great so I figured we'd picnic "old school" in Temple Square while listening to the early session.

We got to Temple Square about 9:30. Maggie noticed that the grass was kinda damp so we sat on a bench. We were soon approached by a pair of sister missionaries. They were after referrals. So Conference starts and we move to a dry spot on the lawn between the Tabernacle and the Meeting House where we can hear better.

I've been around a couple of times to take photos of the sideshow of street preachers outside but now I have my zoom lens on and am shooting kids. Maggie is enjoying watching a couple of toddlers while we listen to Conference. Two more sisters come up to chat us up and try for some referrals. About 30 minutes later two more.

So we haven't heard too much of the first session but that's no big deal. Maggie can watch the rerun later. What we have determined by this point though, is that we are too old and creaky to be sitting on the ground. We move to another bench in the shade.

I make another photo run and when I come back, Maggie's holding a baby. Maggie has found a girl from our ward in Vancouver and the two are talking. She leaves to find her other friends so Maggie and I eat our sammiches and tater salad. Soon enough it's our turn to go into the Conference Center.

I am telling you, this place is impressive. It's immaculate inside. We find seats and the choir walks in and goes through it's warm-up. I am totally stoked because there ARE NO small children allowed in and I don't have to worry about a concert malady of people holding up cell phone cameras in front of me, or singing bad, or tapping my seat out of time. I see old folks who probably saw David O McCay speak in the Tabernacle, and I see young couples. Some camera flashes are going off, and some people are talking on cell phones, oh, and I see a girl with her top cut kinda low. Not too low mind you, but just low enough so that I can see the top of the tattoo on her left breast. I look down and see that she has her entire left arm outlined for the complete sleeve job. This girl doesn't look ANYTHING like the kind of girl that would have these types of tattoos.

Ah youth.

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