Wednesday, August 04, 2010

arrogant recluse

99% of people annoy the shit out of me. just by their mere presence. very few interest me and most of them are women. I was awakened this morning but a wonderful pre-dawn thunderstorm and sat alone on the porch to enjoy the flashes of lightning, the sound of the rain, the mist that drifted into me, and the smell. that stuff never lasts long enough for me. someone always has to start a car to go to work. the goddamned sun always has to rise.

I feel this post yearning to be written down but I complain that the light of this computer has to be in my face and I dim it as much as it will allow. I put my headphones on and plug them into the perfect music but complain that I can't hear the perfect songs for the mood in the perfect order.

I saw an incredible woman the other day with tattoos that were amazingly thought out and I gave her my card. told her that I would gladly make the three hour drive to where she is to shoot her. she'll probably never call.

that's why I'm so reclusive. the people that are constantly around me are the uninteresting.

so I ignore them as much as possible.


10PM found me on the front porch again. another thunderstorm was passing through. more powerful with closer lightning strikes but unlike the pre-dawn storm people in the house were awake. nice storm, different feel.

you are brave to reach out to her. she would be silly not to make the connection.
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