Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does this six shooter make me look fat?

I'm 52 today and I celebrated by making my breakfast. 2 eggs over-easy cooked in the same grease created by the three slice of bacon cooked "chewy". two slices of wheat toast and a large glass of milk.

I feel my immortality more and more everyday and find myself thinking, "is this the last thing I'll see?" while imagining some heart attack or fatal accident. Dumbass silly I know but probably all very normal.

Mom's in town and we're all gathering here at the house later for chinese food and cake. My birthday is never a big deal for me anymore but there are some formalities I guess and hey, chinese food!

I hope to play golf tomorrow after putting in 4 hours of work for 8 hours of pay on a day off.

Haha Dan-- you haven't changed at bit!

An easy breakast, family, chinese food, cake and playing golf...sounds like you are doing just fine. After all, it's the little pleasures in life that matter most at our age. Happy B-Day!
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