Sunday, June 13, 2010

$41 room with a view

$41 room with a view, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

I walked by the Flamingo looking for a Dunkin Donuts. I saw the 8 story high pictures of Donny and Marie Osmond on the building and a mental picture of what they were doing at that very moment popped into my head. Birds were singing outside of Marie's sunny kitchen while she served pancakes to her kids. They spoke about Sunday School lessons. Meanwhile Donny held the fridge door open at his house with the same hand that held a lit Marlboro while he searched for the half bottle of bloody mary mix.

I did not find the Dunkin Donuts. It isn't in the Imperial palace anymore.

The day before I stood in line to check in at Bally's behind a woman who complained that the line at The Excalibur had been shorter. We had something in common me and her, we're both schmucks. We're both after cheap rooms. But unlike her, I know I'm a schmuck so I hold no illusion that I'm anything better in Vegas. And I, unlike her, don't mind.

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