Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scratch the fancy garden

My next job, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

Got up and overcame the temptation to watch the Poseidon Adventure. Instead I took the car to get the vehicle inspection required by the State. The Jiffy Lube waiting room was full of lactating mothers and toddlers and a TV with The Disney Channel. Since I hadn't brought my gun and an extra magazine I decided to go for a walk down to Walgreens and pick up a few things.

The "senior beauty consultant" was totally checking me out so I waited in her line to check out. The chemistry was cool and she gave me a sample of a liquid glove and a body wash. Must be some subliminal message there.

Anywho the car failed the safety inspection because the master cylinder (brakes) is leaking. It's gonna cost $265 on Friday and that proved to be the death nail for my raised bed garden this year. So I will battle weeds again like last year.

Picked up the daughter's wedding invitations. What a racket THAT industry is. had some butt ugly (no glasses) passport photos taken. Bought some corn dogs and frozen waffles. Caught a nap. Blogged.

The End

Hello Dan,

Nice wedding news! Is that your eldest daughter getting married? Will she and her children be staying with you in your home, or are you finally going to be empty-nesters? I hope to get a garden started too when I move in early June. Gonna plant lots of hot peppers and hope I can eat them again one day soon!
Subliminal messages if there ever were any, to be sure.
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