Sunday, January 03, 2010

On to the new decade with a hip hip hooray!!

In local news a guy playing with a gun shot and killed his friend. A burglar shot and killed a police dog and was then shot and killed by the dog's handler. And a man beat up his 85 year-old landlady.

There's snow all around but the roads are dry.

So what do I look forward to this decade? I'll watch the kids continue to make life decisions and learn, or maybe not, things. I was 30 before I found what I would do for a long time job so they have time if they're on my schedule. I continue to get older despite my best efforts to coca cola myself diabetic. I wait for things to happen this decade to determine where I will be when it ends and even if we'll be addressing this same subject in 10 years. Ireland is a possibility in 4-5 years. Calgary is another. Aruba was going to be one possibility but I've heard that crime has increased there to the point where people in my profession consider it that same as the Bahamas. That's a shame.

More photos of course and the tradition of a yearly calendar. More bourbon perhaps. More weight inevitably and hopefully the return of long contemplation here versus the quick shot facebook thing all the time.

We'll see won't we?

Off we go.

Looking forward to reading your longer contemplations over the next decade Dan. That, and becoming a hot, single grandmother!
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