Friday, January 08, 2010

I was waiting for the transmission to shift or explode

is what I told the salesman at the Nissan dealership. I was test driving the 2010 Altima. Another thing that irked me was having to put gas in both cars I test drove. But I have always like Altimas and this new transmission gizmo is the latest and greatest thing they say so I will probably end up buying a base model. Gotta go base because if we buy one car this year, we are buying two. I still owe about $8,000 on my Stratus so we will probably pay that off and keep it. Someone is in college and will need a car to get around in when he gets his license squared away.

I felt old with this newfangled car technology so we balanced it off buy having lunch at The Golden Corral buffet. Now I feel young again. The walkers, the 70 year-old woman in purple sweats, the 70 year-old man in sunglasses that my granddaughter would shun. The meal was decent but the "floor show" was worth twice the price.

At least you don't have to buy the same car over and I know where everything is!
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