Friday, September 11, 2009

Soccer for four year-olds

Soccer for four year-olds, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

They all go for the ball. Two or three fall down. Ball squirts out. Half run after ball. Two more fall down. The other half loses interest. One breaks loose with the ball but overruns it. A defender kicks ball the wrong way because none of them will know how to turn for 4 more years. Defender trips on ball and is kicked. Ball continues toward goal. Offensive player kicks ball and it hits the post. Team parents groan loudly. Defender, four years away from knowing how to turn, kicks ball into own goal. That team's parents groan loudly.

Teams repeat the above several times until game ends and treats are consumed.

Oh man I love watching mini-soccer! It's just a pack of little kids in too-big shiny shirts all running in a cluster and falling down for an hour.
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