Monday, August 10, 2009

Women are a mystery

I have four official followers of this blog. All women. Two of them came out of nowhere. Now I feel pressure to be entertaining.

I have been deemed part of the "past life" of one woman who is now moving forward without me. She said don't take it personally but seeing that we don't have any business dealings....

Of course anybody who knows me knows that I'm not close to many people outside my family so there isn't much I take personally. We all come and go, and with this internet thingy we're even more transient.

I have 115 Facebook buddies and have not met 28 of them but if I did it would be a happy occasion. I have hundreds of workplace buddies who I had many happy occasions with but once there was movement, like my recent transfer, the contact broke down pretty quickly. I met guys as a missionary and was told that many of my missionary buddies would be life-long friends. Ten years later and there was no communication between any of them and me.

I'm a transient soul for many people. So if/when we meet and the opportunity presents itself, we'll go get something to eat, and share some stories. And then we'll part with no strings attached. No promises of future activity.

The big plutonic "one night stand", and like Jerry and Elaine said, no call the next day. I'm the perfect relationship in that I'll give you all the room you want. You need me, I'm here. If you don't, I'll be over there.

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