Thursday, August 06, 2009

Magaly gets home tomorrow after three months in Bolivia. She went down because we feared that her mother was not long for this world and I believe that was the case. I believe we made the right decision even though the doctors miscalculated. The latest is they don't know but a year is not likely.

Magaly has been on a roller coaster of emotions and like roller coasters a peak merely indicates a rapid decline to a stomach pulling bottom and another trip to a temporary high point.

I know that Magaly was the reason her mother has lived longer than expected. Magaly is a rock with a strong religious faith that let's her know that departure awaits us all and that joy is just beyond the veil. Her family is also religious but a type that is in denial of the unavoidable and believe that prayers will heal all. They don't.

So my wife, who went down to say goodbye and have closure will say goodbye with the end still pending and a family crashing into full panic mode.

Magaly is a woman innocent of all except the guilt she places on herself by feeling that she is leaving things unfinished. Magaly is a woman who feels guilt for leaving her family, us, for such a long period of time. She misses the arms that awaken during the night to her tender request to be held.

I miss her too. In 27 years of marriage we have become melded to each other and one in purpose. Many times I fall short of being worthy of such a wonderful spirit but she forgives me. I just hope she saves some of that forgiveness for her own soul. I hope she comes to the piece of mind that what she did was far beyond what many would have, what many could have.

I have told a couple of people that when I see her tomorrow I will hold her tight and say, "don't do that again. Don't leave me alone for so long". There will surely be some tears. Then I will try my best to calm her soul while we wait for an inevitable phone call.

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