Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I hurt my blog's feelings.

I forgot to mention that the 27th was the blogs 4th anniversary. It'll get over it.

In two days I leave for Tucson. Mom says it's 110 in the shade and I have two tee times set up for the 3rd and the 4th. On the 3rd I'm playing the course I learned the game on, Randolph. It's been a very long time since I played Randolph because the people there are jerks. It's a municipal (city owned) course and many locals complain about the munis, leaving the city scratching it's head. I read a piece in a golf magazine awhile ago called "the five courses you have to play before you die" or something like that. The first four were world famous courses and the fifth was "the course you grew up playing". Well for me, that's Randolph. I've decided that this trip to Tucson will be all about reminiscing and reconciliation so on Friday the 3rd at 5:38AM I will tee it up at Randolph.

Saturday the 4th at 7:10 I will tee it up at Canoa Hills in Green Valley. This is to remember Dad. July 6th, 2004 was the last time we played together and it was at Canoa Hills.

Happy Blogday-or something like that! 5:38 AM - Boy, you are the zealous one!! Like someone else is teed-up to start at 5:30 AM?? My mother-in-law is in Florida and says she can't finish 9 holes in the morning there...so watch out... you may lose 10 pounds just melting away on the course!

My husband lost his Dad this year and golf evokes the strongest memories (there was a love-hate/competitive relationship that was omnipresent on the golf course).

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