Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today is Mother's Day in Bolivia

The mother of my children is with her mother as her condition worsens by the day. Her sisters and our niece, all mothers as well, are in the house trying to maintain a certain level of sanity as a parade of visitors drop by to say good-bye to my mother-in-law. I have spoken to my mother-in-law and told her that I love her very much and that I will never be able to do enough for her.

Later this evening my daughter, her husband, and my niece will arrive to be here for my youngest child's high school graduation on Friday. It will be a houseful of laughing kids but my mother-in-law will always be in our minds.

I feel bad for your wife who is burdened with her impending loss and unable to celebrate a special moment with her children. Such is life, I suppose.
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