Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't tell Maggie but there's a dog in the house.

The guy is here to make our 30-day-trial water softner system permanent and his chihuahua goes everywhere with him. It's a warm sunny day so of course the dog can come in versus sitting in the van. Conroy and Sabrina are chasing it everywhere so maybe it thinks the van wouldn't be a bad idea right now. It's a very well tempered dog and has enjoyed outrunning the kids.

The guy needs to cut a hole in the basement of the ceiling to find the water lines. I heard a "nope" and I know these houses are put together funky so maybe he needs two holes.

Earlier today I went to the motor vehicle dept and got Utah plates for the car. Showed the lady the Washington registration, gave her my address, walked with her to verify the vin, paid and voila', Utah plates.

Then I walked across the hall to get my driver's license. That was a failure because they want to see my social security card and I don't carry that thing around.

Oh well, My AZ license dosen't expire until 2023 so maybe I'll keep it.

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