Friday, March 06, 2009

Zona Boy reviews the movie, Taken, starring Liam Neilson

Liam plays a retired CIA covert ops dude who's daughter is kidnapped on a trip to Europe. The initial drama is that Liam is divorced and his wife is remarried to a really rich guy. The rich dude lets Liam use a private plane to get to Paris.

Liam's bloody trail takes him through Albanian kidnappers, corrupt French police and a boat full of Middle Eastern kidnapped chick purchasers.

Car chases and lead spraying galore enthralled me as Liam killed about 30 people before rescuing his daughter and flying home on a commercial flight.

This movie was SO below Liam.

Makes me think that maybe the director's first choice was Bruce Willis and he was unavailable.

It was a good "I don't have to think to watch this" movie. There were a lot of nice cars. And I really didnt think he would shoot that guys wife. Not bad for a movie where you know how it's gonna end before even sitting down to watch it.
I'd be below Liam...

sorry bad joke.
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