Friday, March 13, 2009

Murray, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

So I excitedly head up to the big golf show in Sandy. (between here and SLC) I find the expo center and pull into the parking lot. I see a bunch of people who look more like guns guns guns let's go huntin' people.

I go to look for my golf show and find the big ol' outdoor sportsman equipment show instead.

I'm all WTF and I return to the car to consult my newspaper. Maybe I'm at the wrong expo center.


I'm a week early.

So I says to myself, "self, this huntin' and fishin' show oughta be pretty interesting and you DO have your camera".

I had an hour before the show opened and so I kinda milled around and then got in line for tix. TWELVE BUCKS?!?!?! Oh well, maybe I'll see something I want to buy. Then I read further down the sign.

Photographing exhibitors is prohibited.

Screw that!

So I drove around and stumbled on some great shots in the Sandy/Murray area.

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