Monday, March 09, 2009

, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

So the Vancouver years have now faded into the background. It's just another city now that I seem to look back on with the same feelings as I would have looking down on any city from the window of a plane.

There were some good times but I stumbled upon vancouver looking for something, that in the end, I did not find. I found other things. Some good and some bad but mainly things that were not expected or sought out initially.

Good experiences and some lasting ties and memories.

Now that I am fully into the Utah transition I realize that at my age, the significant changes are over. There should be no major moves for the next ten years at least and perhaps fifteen. This economic crisis may change my retirement plans. That might be okay but now, in my line of work I no longer have the need to worry about moving and that is a good thing because I like this place.

Dan - it seems like you are in a nice place now - not just geographically but in mind, body and spirit. Consider that a "fringe" benefit of being older and wiser (although I suspect that you are still much younger than me!)
Be happy.
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