Monday, March 30, 2009

MY Room

MY Room, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

The unpacking continues. Things fit, things don't fit. Downsizing and shuffling. In Canada we had huge houses that the govt paid the rent on but now when we have a house that's the perfect size for the number of people some of the stuff is gonna be out of luck.

Some boxes marked Xmas or Crafts go unopened into storage behind the door you see here. Every now and then we open a box and pull something out and go, "who's is this?" Sometimes it's claimed and sometimes we all just shrug. In about three weeks we're gonna have a garage sale.

Maggie, Jen, and the kids went to church yesterday while I stayed in the house to do some unpacking. I went into this room, unpacked some Joni Mitchell CD's and then into my bedroom and unpacked my Stephen Colbert desk calendar. I almost made it through the whole year before it was time to pick everybody up.

They have a map of the ward, or parish if you are familiar with that term. The four streets that make up our subdivision is all one ward and the family names of the church members are printed on their houses. The houses with no names are either occupied by non-members or are unoccupied. There are four houses with no names out of the 80-100 houses making up the subdivision.

I had some time so I decided to walk over to a "no name" house. There were about 30 people standing on the sidewalk singing hymns and sharing casseroles and fried chicken. I looked and saw the window shades separate ever so slightly. I waved as the singing got louder before the shades snapped closed again

isn't unpacking fun? I love it when you find something, and you have no recollection of who it belongs to, or how it got in that dang box.
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