Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I do not like getting my shoes shined

because I have too hold my feet straight and it hurts. I also believe that it's bad luck in my line of work. It seems that whenever an officer is killed in the line of duty it is written that he was always the guy who kept a bright shine on his shoes and belt brass. I want dirty shoes and a long life but every now and then I give in and get them shined like today.

Ouch but they look good.

Why do I still buy Rolling Stone Magazine

when I am so far out of their demographic? I see the teaser on the front about an article with Bill Maher and twenty minutes later I'm out $4.50 and staring at Taylor Swift laying on my desk wondering why I bothered. There IS a very nice shot of Lily Allen lifting her skirt to show lacy panties and a very nice ass just a few pages inside.

Thank you Lily.

Are my kids upset that the man married to their mother

mentioned a young lady showing her nice ass? Well my grandfather on the Mexican side had a rep for being a ladies man and my youngest boy says he's one so it runs in the family. I just can't do anything about it now other than sigh from time to time and glance at the menu.

Rock on kids

I'm not a man, nor am I married, but I too like nice asses, and lacy panties.
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