Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fit to be tied

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The HBO series, Big Love has infuriated the Mormon Church. They have shown an episode in which one of the wives goes through a temple ceremony. They show her dressed in white temple clothes which Mormons say is taboo to show outside of the temple. They also portray a sacred ceremony.

Now all the details of Mormon temple ceremonies have been in the public arena for many years and you too can find those details online if you look for them.

Of course here in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah this is all big news. Everywhere else it's pretty safe to say that nobody has noticed. In fact, most non members would not have known how accurate the clothing shown was if the Mormon Church would not have said anything. Temple ceremonies are sacred to Mormons and even though I have been inactive for many years I have never, nor will I ever speak of them. I have been through some of the temple ceremonies. It did surprise me that Big Love found an ex-Mormon to consult on this episode and tell them what happens and what it looks like.

No, I don't believe that Big Love is now aligned with Satan and that everybody involved will burn in hell as many Mormons now do. I see them as somewhat hypocritical in the whole thing. Big Love is a show about a polygamous family and even though true Mormons do not practice polygamy, they still believe in it.

A worthy Mormon man can marry more than one woman in the temple and they believe if he remains worthy, he will have all of them in heaven. This would happen say, if his wife dies, or he divorces, and then he marries another woman in the temple.

Of course I believe that if he divorced a woman, she would not be forced to stay with him after this life. That's just my personal belief. Here's something else to keep in mind. The divorced wife can marry another man, but she is forbidden to marry him in the temple unless her first husband was excommunicated.

I just watched that exact episode last night and thought to myself 'oooo somebody's going to be pissed....' I love that show.
Paxton will pay!
very intersting...
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