Thursday, February 19, 2009

You will do better in real estate than in stocks

Looking south, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

That was the fortune cookie revelation last night after a pretty damn good chinese meal. That's a no brainer that would make Confucious order the execution of the guy who had it printed.

So we went out looking at houses today. This is the view looking south from the house I picked out looking at possibilities online. I referred to it as my zen house for that view. There was good news and bad news when we arrived for a tour. The good news is that there will never be anything built south of it because of a dynamite plant out there. The law forbids any construction within a three mile radius of the plant. The bad news is the barking dog tied up on a rope next door. A fence would keep the potential dog-grandkid encounter from happening but only evil would stop the barking.

The house itself was in very good shape I was pleased to see that after walking through three nightmares prior. One was a horror show of what seemed like a blind drunk man on acid trying for a polynesian look. Then they had failed on the loan and taken it out on the house. Another was a "flip this house" going bad. They hadn't finished and I can't explain the colors any better than to say part of the house was banana yellow and part was chocolate brown. I swear it reminded me of the display case at 31 Flavors.

There were some nice houses, don't get me wrong but a lot had some sort of "what were they thinking?" touches like a toilet in a double closet sized room right off the dining area. Just a toilet, no sink. One house had tiny bedrooms as the sacrifice for larger family rooms. Houses that were otherwise fine but had one flaw that wanted me to hunt down the person who had designed and built the place and shoot him or her.

We saw a lovely model in a new development and may have a new home built. The obvious plusses to that are the new house warranties and that Magaly can get with the design team and tweek the house a little to suit her needs.

Right now it's a horse race between the new, and the view.

They say a person's home decor is a reflection of one’s soul. Given your account of what you've seen so far, you must live in one quirky, colorful town.

P.S. Magaly is such a pretty name. You must let her have the final say 'cause as the saying goes "a happy wife is a happy life"!
she gets most of the say. I just want a TV.

Quirky goes about 10% towards describing Utah
OMG you have to get that house with the ZEN view!!! So amazing! I'd love to see shots over the seasons...
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Oh Dan...the world's a whole f* bucket of oysters for you right now :o) Pick the one with the driving range / star gazing stage please...then I can come stay. I'll look at the stars while you whack your little balls. ;o)
View please

You have a gun now so... maybe there will be a little "accident" with the dog next door. :)
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