Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Insane!!, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

So work is going well. Easy money, good crew. I just might stay a while. The house hunting has started with Magaly going out today to look at some. It's kinda hard to look at them on the internet because most of the pictures are bad. I bet I could do a better job at shooting houses than anybody I've seen so far. You just need the right lens and a couple of portable lights. I bet it pays for shit though and then there's my pledge never to do what I love, photography, as work.

It just ruins the creative process for me.

Does that sound too arrogant-tight-assy?

I'm looking for places too and I know what you mean about the bad house pics.
Its like... Nice corner... Maybe that's a doorway..
We laughed at alot of the pictures. What were these people thinking? And it does look like they hire a pro, you can see the camera in the reflection.
To be an artist, you have to be at least a little arrogant. :)
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