Thursday, February 26, 2009

The House

The House, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

Our counter counter offer on the house was accepted. I'm not fond of the uphill driveway but the interior makes up for that. Two bedrooms up and three down. One of the downstairs bedrooms will be my office and used as an extra bedroom when company comes. There is also a family room downstairs.

You'll have to wait for more pictures.

Congrats on the new place!
It looks cozy, and I love that the mailbox is out there and gonna force you to be neighbourly :P
It looks like it will be a lovely place to call home. I hope you have flowers in the front when its warm enough.
I'm looking forward to reading my morning paper on that porch when it's warm.
i really like the stairs, no reason just jumped out at me and i like em. congrats! :)
I cant wait to eventually crash in your office/guest room. Say hi to everyone for me.
Tell Jen I'm thinking of her but work and school are crazy. I'll email soon.
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