Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grand Closing Sale-ibration

Grand Closing Sale-ibration, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

Utah continues to be a fun new experience. We had our taxes done at H&R Block buy a nice lady who reminded me of the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons. That's compared to the gal who did them in Bellingham who's first name was Fang. (swear to god)

We went to the mall the other day and I have never seen so many double seated strollers being pushed by girls who seemed to be in their early 20's.

Down in the Lehi area where we live the layout is really interesting. Big box stores like Walmart and Costco are surrounded by little stores and chain restaurants. Big islands of commerce in what used to be farmland. There are really schlocky family activity centers everywhere. I will take pictures of some of them when I get time. Families are big business here in Mormonlandia, followed closely buy the missionary and wedding markets.

We bought our house out west past the horse properties. We will live in a town called Eagle Ranch and you can see where development was going full steam ahead until the meltdown. Now it seems to be slowly picking up again but many houses are for sale. Like I said before, many of them are laid out funky inside. The two lane road out to Eagle Ranch is being widened to four lanes and a super Walmart is getting ready to open cattycorner from the huge Smith's grocery store and all it's little surrounding stores.

Magaly and I took a drive out to the house today to take the picture you see below. On the way home we stopped at Little Caesar's and they were tossing the hot and ready (cheese or pepperoni) pizzas out like frisbees. It is the only Little Caesar's I have ever seen with a drive through window. Cheap quick on-the-way-home meal for what I'm sure are two working adult households.

When we were in Vancouver I watched CNN describe the economic crisis but now I am seeing it first hand. In one way it has benefitted us. We are paying 192K for this house and just three months ago smaller houses in the same neighborhood went for 207 and 212K.

A house like that here in OR would've been easily over 300k two and a half years ago. I don't know what it would go for now but as horrible as the economy is right now it's good to see that some people are able to grab hold and use it! Congrats on the house it looks awesome!
A very tiny percentage of myself wants to experience this.
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