Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yvette Narlock

Yvette Narlock, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

I finally got over to Little Sisters on Davie and picked up Yvette's CD, Sweet Bitter. It's very nice.

Interesting musician. She sings good music. Little information about artists on the Internet. In addition to album "Sweet Bitter" I do not know any of her albums. I learned about it thanks to the movie Avalanche Alley (Paul Ziller's film, 2001). There, she performs songs:
1. "Goin' Down"
2. "Jungle Rumble"
3. "Big Baby Blue"
4. "Powder Jax"
5. "Ride"
In what album Yvette Narlock these songs? I have never been able to find these songs ... Maybe you know?
The album "Sweet Bitter" I have not listened to - not found anywhere else. But I listened to some songs from the album "Sweet Bitter" site I can say that the first song is like perfect.
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