Saturday, January 03, 2009

Twenty nine days to go

Just yesterday we pulled over by the Welcome to Alberta sign and took a family picture.
Just yesterday the wife and kids ran wild-eyed thru the house we rented in Arbour Lake.
Just yesterday I shoveled snow for the first time.
Just yesterday I walked on a frozen lake.
Just yesterday we went to our first Calgary Stampede.
Just yesterday I went to my first NHL game.
Just yesterday I spun thru a snowy intersection.
Just yesterday my kids commented on how different the schools were.
Just yesterday we made one of several treks to Great Falls, Montana to buy good ol' American stuff.
Just yesterday I saw the northern lights.
Just yesterday I bought my first Roots sweatshirt.
Just yesterday I got speeding ticket that said, "in the name of her majesty the queen, you are commanded to appear".
Just yesterday I discovered some very good rock and roll that Canada had been keeping to themselves.
Just yesterday I met Don Cherry, Ron Mclean, Ralph Klein, Jerome Iginla, David Suzuki, Matthew Good, Patrick Roy, and many other well respected Canadians.
Just yesterday I drove awestruck through the Canadian Rockies.
Just yesterday I realized that Edmonton and Toronto suck.
Just yesterday I took my wife to Niagra Falls.
Just yesterday I held my Canadian grandchild.
Just yesterday I transferred to Vancouver.
Just yesterday I took my first ferry to Vancouver Island.
Just yesterday I watched people handing out, and smoking weed in downtown.
Just yesterday I spent time in a studio watching Matt Good record Hospital Music.
Just yesterday I beheld the misery of Hastings for the first time.
Just yesterday I held my second Canadian grandchild.
Just yesterday I celebrated my 50th birthday with friends and family 5 pin bowling.
Just yesterday I turned on the TV and said, "hey look. curling!"
Just yesterday I complained about wimpy Canadian drivers for the millionth time.
Just yesterday I found out the day that I would be leaving.
Just yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow I said, "wow, that was nine years?"

ralph klein is hardly a respected canadian.
are you kidding? Ralph's the MAN!
If you're complaining about wimpy Canadian drivers, it's because you haven't yet visited Quebec!
Yeah Quebec is madness when driving. Not to mention the roads are crap... basically it's off-roading.

I get the impression you don't care so much for Canada sometimes.
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