Thursday, January 29, 2009


Moving, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

So it's a govt paid move which means the movers pack us up, load it all on the truck, and haul it away. I rented a truck because since we are going into temp housing we need a lot of stuff with us. The rest goes into storage until we buy a house. So we're yelling at the kids to put everything they want with us on the beds and we tell the movers that we'll take care of what's on the beds and they can box up everything else. So I have something to do downtown and the I pick up the truck. I get back to the house and I go up into my room.

"Where's my briefcase?"

I look at the bed then I look at the boxes.

"Where's the scissors?"

So I find my briefcase and I says to myself, "self, we should print up directions to the house in Utah." My printer is still hooked up because I told the movers not to touch anything computerish. I reach for the desk drawer to get some paper. The drawer isn't there anymore. I look at the boxes.

"Screw it."

I think moving is interesting thing. I have moved several times (nine times) and in the last move I moved my whole house (ya). You can still see the pictures here Pictures
:( I don't like you moving away. We never had that sushi date!
i don't envy you. i hope it all goes as smooth as possible.
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