Sunday, December 28, 2008

I laughed but she didn't know it was at her

well, her picture anyway. You see dear friends, Canadians are not allowed to smile in their passport photos anymore. So instead of just relaxing, they concentrate on not smiling and all kinds of hilarity results. This lady had a look on her face in her photo that instantly made me laugh. It was the look she got as a 12 year-old boy scout tapped her on the shoulder,

"excuse me ma'amm, you dropped this"

And then she looked at his outstretched hand to see him holding her purse pouch of tampons.

!!! epic!
I hate that we can't smile in the pictures, mine looks well... it'll never make it to the internet.
I've had my passport for a while and I couldn't smile in it. Same as my drivers license too.
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