Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't go out front without a jacket

is what my coworker told me. Even though she didn't have too. YVR is a mess today and all flights to Portland and Seattle are all cancelled. Many others are delayed. Many connecting in from the prairies are cancelled.

Lines lines LINES.

The drive in wasn't too bad. Slow and steady and the parking lot is chaos. I am working overtime today and was scheduled to report BEFORE rush hour traffic hits the streets and I go home AFTER the afternoon rush. So my only worry is somebody hitting my sled in the parking lot.

I went to Burger King to get a coke and the line was long and the guy at the register was telling people the credit card function was not operating and he couldn't give any chage for a twenty. I bet I could get $50 for 8 five-dollar bills from some of the places here. So anyway, my man spots me at the end of the line and leaves his register and goes and gets me my usual coke-half-full-of-ice and I hold up a twenty and tell him I'd be back later in the day.

The coworker who gave me the warning had been out front without a jacket when somebody with an elderly lady in tow approached her and said, "is there an AMERICAN who can help this lady?". She told the guy that he had to rely on the Canadians today.

It's a binational gong show.

"It's the most wonderfull time of the year!"
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