Saturday, November 22, 2008

When we moved to Calgary we had the choice to put our kids in public or private school. We chose public schools. I like the idea of my kids going to school with normal kids. Kids who live in the neighborhood. Kids who they run with. One thing that DID disappoint me was that we were in Bowness High School's district. I was kinda hoping that the kids would go to Sir Winston Churchill High. Being American I thought that was a really bitchin' name for a high school. Another high school I liked was Lord Beaverbrook because they were the "Lords". What a cool mascot name.

Two of the kids went to the same elementary school and we had to send an extra pair of shoes with them to leave at the school. You walked into their school and you saw shelves full of shoes. Some of them were dirty and some were clean. It depended where the kids were. You see, they would wear the clean shoes while in the buliding and put their dirty shoes on when they went outside or home. It made sense. Kept the halls pretty clean too when you consider the muddy playground in the winter.

One MAJOR thing I noticed about my kids' schools is that they had no windows. It was the only way they could maintain the buildings warm when the -40 temps arrived. I gotta tell you, my wife didn't enjoy walking the kids to the bus stop on those winter days.

When I was a kid we lived in Labrador and it always sucked when outside recess was cancelled because of a moose hanging out by the monkey bars. But we had lots of windows from which to watch it from :) I think it would be creepy to go to a school with no windows.
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