Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Six quirks/habits

1. When I buy a newspaper or magazine or book, I never take the top copy

2. When peeing in a toilet, I flush before I am finished to see if I can time it so me and the toilet stop at the same time.

3. I give an opinion of places by tossing two pennies if I have them. That way I've, as the American saying about opining goes, "thrown in my two cents".

4. I don't "inhale" or "gobble" my food but I have only met one guy who eats faster than me.

5. As hard as I try sometimes, I cannot hold a grudge.

6. When I am finished with a toothpick I break it in half.

Now I'm supposed to tag six people and put links up and all that but I'm terrible at links so I'll just tag'em


will do. Nr 1, I see your point, i do that do. The top copy has been touched and messed with by so many pairs of hands.
Bags man. Bags!
I think I'm going to do this in your comments even tho I wasn't tagged. I haven't been blogging lately. I am going to change that.

1. I have to brush my teeth before I get in the shower or I feel dirty and it's unsatisfying.

2. Every time the phone rings I'm scared and don't really want to answer it.

3. When I see people on TV or in real life I always say "that totally looks like ________" ...always.

4. I have to fall asleep to a TV show I like... it HAS to be a TV show it HAS to be funny and it HAS to be something I like or I just get angry and can't sleep.

5. Movies give me too much anxiety to watch alone.

6. When I'm out somewhere I spend an exhausting amount of energy trying to remember visual landmarks or places I've been and where they're situated when really it just makes me more jumbled and in a tizzy.
my two year old does that flushing thing too. that's funny!
Number 1- I'm with ya. The rest, you're on your own.

(And: done!)
I'm not with you on any of these but I like your answers none the less. Thanks for playing!
I never take the top copy either...wonder who does?
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