Friday, November 14, 2008

Stuff keeps breaking

The car is in the shop until Monday because they didn't have the part I didn't know was broken when I took it in to get something else fixed near what turned out to be the real problem.

Then the toilet in the master bathroom broke so you have to lift the lid to flush it. On TOP of THAT, the toilet clog that travels through the house made it to that toilet for the first time ever. This is actually a ghost clog because it hits more often in one toilet than the others (we have 5 toilets) and a plummer ran a snake down that toilet and said there was nothing there.

The one good thing that happened was yesterday's wind. Although it kept me from playing golf on an otherwise sunny day, it DID push the leaves from the driveway and gather them up against the house where we easily shoveled them into bags.

That's what stuff does. It breaks. And never works the way it should. Ever.
Oh it's all in the little things like wind, right?
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