Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rolling Stone came out with it's "The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time" issue but it's really "of the Rock era" as they explain inside. The "all time" list would HAVE too include guys like...

Bing Crosby

What I DO like about their list is that it's compiled by people in the business. It's not a reader's poll. Hence, Avril Levine, Pink, and the singer for Finger Eleven are not on the list.

Thank God.

Aretha Franklin tops the list which makes sense. Here are my favorite ten from the list. The name at the top of the list is my fave. The others are in not particular order.

Ray Charles
Little Richard
Steve Winwood
Patsy Cline
Mariah Carey
Roger Daltrey
Joni Mitchell
Van Morrison
Steve Perry

And here are 10 that I like who didn't make Rolling Stone's list.

Stephen Stills
David Crosby
Anita Baker
Phillip Bailey
Allison Krauss
K.D. Lang
Michael McDonald
Kenny Loggins
Boy George

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