Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My first task when I arrived in Calgary was to find a place to live. I did that on the second day. I found a great house in a northwest neighborhood called Arbour Lake. It was right up the street from a community lake that we would fish in during the summer and watch the locals play pond hockey in the winter.

I would fly back to Arizona and grab the family. Six of us in a mini-van pulling a trailer. We spent the night at my parents house in Tucson then on to Kanab, Utah, then Bountiful, Utah, then Helena, Montana, and in to Calgary.

It was cloudy and thunderstorms were in the area when we arrived so it was cold to the family that had just days earlier been in 100+ degree weather. The oohs and aahs started when we pulled up to the house I had rented. A beautiful white two story house with a basement. Everybody was blown away when they walked in the door.

We would spend the first nights sleeping on the floor as the furniture would not arrive for a few days. What was funniest is that we arrived as a family in Calgary on July 13th and on July 15th, it snowed. Nothing major, just flurries but it would mark the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

I'm going to be really creepy and say that I used to live in Arbour Lake too!
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