Sunday, November 30, 2008

I will always love you Calgary

One night my kids yelled at me to come outside and when I did, they pointed up and I saw one of the most beautiful things ever. The northern lights were right above the house. It looked like spin art as the lights moved around. If you could ever stand at the end of a rainbow that's what it would have looked like. Most of the times that I saw the lights, they were north and looked like flowing white curtains.

I got to look at fish swimming under my feet. Down under about eight inches of ice in the community lake just down the street from the house.

I got to drive from the prairies through the foothills and into the most magnificent mountain range in North America.

I got to spin out of control in a snow covered intersection and end up looking back at where I had come from. Then I waved to the drivers who saw me spin and waited even though they had the green light. I'm glad I only got to do that once.

I got to experience -50 temperatures. You really feel alive with a lung full of that cold air.

I got to live in one of the premier cities on the planet for four years and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

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