Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I don't even have the motivation to write some cute cliche' on how unmotivated I am.

It all started, like it commonly does, with an alarm clock going off. Then it got worse when I heard my son get into the shower. I asked the wife what he was doing home still and she said he had first period off at school.


My son showers like a girl. He turns on the hot water and stands in it until it is no longer hot. That means when I finally pound on his bathroom door and get him out, I have a nice shower that's slightly warmer than the garden hose.

My wife asks, as I'm walking into the bathroom, why I don't wait a few minutes. I don't have a few minutes. I have to get to work. Me and work have this uneasy proposal. I get there on time and they don't mess with me about being late. They mess with me about enough things as it is.

Oooh, this reminds me of living at home. I feel for you.
I thought all genders waited for the hot water to be hot.. I learned something new today. :)
LOL @ rob.
my soul would cry every time he got in the shower before me.
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