Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guys I've spoken to in the last 24 hours

Michael Buble'
Roberto Luongo
Chad Krueger
Huey Lewis

All of'em, real decent fellas

I'm going to need more details.
If i ever saw chad kruger...i would prolly lol
They all came thru the Vancouver airport on their way to the States.

I spoke with Buble' because some time ago when he and his entire family came thru. I cleared his then very pregnant sister. I asked him what she had. She had a little girl. He was all glowy when he told me and as it turned out, he had just found out his other sister is expecting now.

Luongo came thru with the rest of the Canucks on their way to New York. He signed a game puck for me.

Krueger came thru on his way to L.A. to be on Jay Leno. There's a new album coming out. Yesterday was his birthday and he was hung over. I was nice and let him keep his sunglasses on. He laughed when I told him I had driven thru Hanna on my last trip to Alberta.

Huey Lewis had come up with the News to do a private concert for some local corporation.. Nice guy. He signed his autograph "thanks for letting me back into the country".

Is that enough detail?
Nope, more details please.
p.s. Mr. Buble's uncle lives 6 or 7 door's down from me. His car was all packed up this morning, ready to go to the airport I gather. I believe the Buble's (including my neighbour, because Michael takes family on his trips to feel like he's still at home) are headed to South Africa?
Mr. Buble's uncle is my neighbour a few doors down. They are headed to South Africa or South America, one of the two. Michael takes his entire family with him overseas and everywhere, he hates being alone when he travels, his uncle told me last week.
lol, I thought I lost my entire post, so I retyped what I thought I wrote the first time. uh abit off. lol

p.s. lmao about 'Huey Lewis coming through with the News'. lol.. what kind of news? the paper?
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