Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack Obama has been elected as the first black President of The United States

What a moment in history this is. I voted for him because I see him as a leader. George W. Bush has done such a horrible job and has left this country in such a bad shape that I doubt Barack Obama will be able to fix it all and bring about all the change he speaks of in his first term.

He will be able to change the direction we're currently going and I would certainly prefer to be six inches from the bottom heading up than six feet from the bottom heading down.

In his victory speech I could see that he was humbled. I could also see that he is aware of the great responsibility we have given him.

Times are going to be tough and expectations are high. I just hope our patience is up to the task.

you are changing direction as a nation. this alone is so important. congratulations! it's a good day today.
Oh it feels so right,
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