Monday, October 13, 2008

So it's this holiday thing

In the U.S. we celebrate an Italian backed by the Spanish who came looking for something that he didn't find and stayed anyway to cut off arms of the disobedient.

In Canada they needed an October holiday so they plopped Thanksgiving down.

You see, since Columbus wasn't British the Canadian don't have much use for the man. I don't know why we do since he never set foot in the United States. Who cares.

What gets me is that turkeys in Canada are so damned expensive. In the States they're free. You buy $100 worth a groceries during that week in November and they give you the bird. Only fools pay for Thanksgiving turkeys in the U.S.

im getting up at 7am ON A HOLIDAY just to buy a turkey
i bought $100 worth of groceries last night!
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I'm a vegetarian, and an unemployed one at that, so this day means squat to me. I am on the look out for some yummy stuffing though.
mmmmmm free turkey.
free turkey would be nice!
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