Friday, October 31, 2008

So the grandkids were going out trick or treating and noting that we'll be in the SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH area next year I told Maggie that next year we would dress Conroy up as a priest and Sabrina as a nun.

She laughed.

Then I said, "wait!! we'll get him a wig and I'll make a big styrofoam cross..."

She screamed.

Later I told her we'd get him one of those get-ups where it looked like he had no head and when people asked who he was he could answer, "John The Baptist".

She screamed again.

She's on the phone so I'll have to wait to tell her about my noose, bag of silver, "I'm Judas" idea.

That's right, It's straight to hell for me.

LOL! It's okay, I'm sure all the fun people will end up in hell with us.
My kind of thinking...excellent!
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