Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Breakfast

I get up at 7AM so I can peruse the TV. When Conroy gets up I hear him move upstairs. Then I hear him walking down the stairs and go silent on the tile floor before he timidly appears. He begins to play quietly with toys.

So I cook my breakfast of bacon and eggs. Conroy appears in the kitchen to sniff things out. I know what he wants but I want to eat first.

Sabrina announces her awakening to the house with a complaining cry. Conroy has gone upstairs to begin the conspiracy. I can hear as they come down the stairs.

"Breeya, do you want eggs?"


I smile. The two hungry ducklings rush me making "we want food" sounds. Sabrina has grabbed the place mat she wants to use and Conroy snatches it from her to much protesting. I stop the fight by grabbing the mat back and placing it on the tray of Sabrina's high chair.

Scrambled eggs with toast and jam. Sabrina wants orange juice as Conroy opts for milk.

I want scambled eggs with toast and jam please.
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