Sunday, October 12, 2008

A post of comments on posts from my links

JaG: Moving is a pain but once you get there it's an adventure of exploration!

Phaedra: wow. promise me that if you break up our friendship, you'll do so by hitting me in the face with a cream pie.

foresome eh? hmmmmm

Ali: That "man in the bush" fear is kinda interesting but I'm happy at the person you're allowing yourself to become.

Krista: Smelly cat poo bad. Boobies good. Fingers crossed that yours is okay.

Jay: sometimes I wonder if you have ANY "normal" days.

Tony: the only good thing about selling stocks just last week would be if you bought them again this week at a cheaper price. that's the only way you could make any money. you're young so you need to think long my friend. go long.

Shaz: I'm hurt that you didn't recognize me!

Danielle: Don't put Chad's keys in the microwave. You NEVER look like a man.

Chloe: My wife and daughter are looking online for a house in Salt Lake City. I have given them a short list of requirements.

An office for me
A master bedroom with no windows
A secret door or passage leading from my office to the bedroom
A self mowing lawn
A snow resistant driveway
A basement big enough for a billiards table

Rebecca: That tribute was outstanding. The game that followed sucked.

Keira: Dinner and drinks at the Cambie?

Vesper: You make that crowd look good by being in it.

Jennifer: Damn, I missed it. Was there an open bar?

Raul: I thought I thaw a tweety bird!

that was a pain to do but it came out really cool
next time I won't put who they're for. oughta be more funner that way
Tres cool.
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