Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just in case you was wondering

Manfred Mann Earth Band's "Runner"
followed by some
Bruce Springsteen
and then some
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
and currently
Peter Gabriel

So it's a bright Saturday morning and I'm awakened by the light filtering through the drapes and the point where no matter what I do, there is no comfortable position in the bed. The pillow feels like hardening clay. I'm at the point where I wish for a comfortable position in a completely dark place. Then I'm on my back with the iPod playing what's above until I have to sit upright.

Bright Saturday morning and I wish I was on a dock on a lake tossing a line into the misty water. Of course I would be complaining because parts of me would be cold so let's switch to a nice porch overlooking a long valley on a nice warm morning. Of course some fly always wants to come around and mess that up so let's move over to a noisy park bench on The Prado of La Paz and eat some Saltenyas surrounded by traffic noise.

Excuse me a moment. Peter is done.

Supertramp. Shuffle

Even In The Quietest Moments

How fitting is that?

I kinda feel bad for the kids today. They love Coldplay but we had Supertramp. Such a better band. We had so better music but you guys got better technology and satellite TV.

You see, while I sit here typing away my old age on a computer as most of you kids sleep in on a Saturday I recall the days of my youth when I would have gotten up on an October Saturday, and walked out to the back porch of my house and listened to the day while I contemplated what I would end up doing. No computer, no iPod. 5 TV channels. Maybe the mall. Maybe cruising with Phil or over to Louie's house or to the swap meet. The OLD swap meet, not that crappy newer swap meet. Maybe in the late afternoon we might get out to the drag races or just cruise Speedway. Maybe there was a church dance and I'd get to see Becky and her sister Nyla or Kelly and her sister Nancy although it was rare that Nancy was there. Maybe Cindy. If I had to pick which I had the bigger crush on it would have been Cindy. Red hair long and straight, creamy skin. Great laugh and such a sweetie. Just another on the list of what ifs.

Now spread those out over a ten year span and you get an idea of what I used to do on Saturdays.

Today I get up and put sweats on, and come in here, and kiss the wife because she's giving my daughter and my grandkids a ride to a birthday party. I have no bacon so maybe I'll go cook some potatoes to go with my eggs.

UPDATE: No potatoes. Cold cereal

such a great morning post
i love reading about how you were and the people you knew
Manfred Mann Earth Band's "Runner

I haven't heard this song in eons. It's fantastic, as is Supertramp. Good taste in music, my friend. And I hope the cereal is finding you well.
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