Thursday, September 11, 2008

What 9/11 has come to mean to me

4 year-olds removing their shoes at airport security
small town America has a SWAT team
everybody's the boogie man
the operator stays on the line and listens
attorney's general who won't answer questions
ground zero still vacant

There IS one good thing though. It's the anniversary of me being hired by Uncle Sugar, and this year marks 20 years. 1988-2008. Wow. Ten more to go.

it means most of these things for the rest of the world too.
to me it also means my son losing a big part of his innocence. He was 3 then and soon after he stopped playing with airplanes.
Remember where you were on 9/11? Land locked and nowhere to go. The company and food was good..........Aruba.

We still hold a moment of silence but good friends were made that day.
yes Mando, good friends were made. My thoughts are with the safety of your family as the hurricane heads your way

Aruba. God knows I wanna go back there. Maybe I'll put in 5 or 6 years from now
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