Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two sides to everything

My brother-in-law lost his mother not too long ago and was wearing only black which is customary to some old school catholics in Bolivia. Before that he suffered some kind of breakdown crisis probably due to the stress of being a small business owner. He has a shoe store and when counterfeit name brand shoes are sold cheaper down the street it makes for worry.

He just recently found out that he is going to be a grandfather and everything has turned around for him. He's exstatic. He loves children and he and my sister-in-law were only able to have one. Now that son, my nephew, and his wife are expecting their first child.

So my brother-in-law has put his foot down and decreed that all six dogs and one cat are to be exiled from the house before the arrival of the baby.

A friend at work recently received news that his transfer has been funded. He's going to a really mellow place to work and is, as many of us would be, excited to be able to relax during the last years of his career.

He fell down at the cruise ship terminal and injured his knee. When he went and got an xray to determine the extent of the damage, a growth near his knee was spotted. Exploratory surgery was done and the worst was discovered.

He begins chemotherapy soon.

Geeez man.
I hope all goes well with treatment. It's a tough discovery but I always hear it's good to be found before it has spread.
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